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The San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society is located in Bakersfield, California. We are a group of rock hounds dedicated to the sharing of knowledge about the lapidary arts. We meet weekly for workshops in lapidary, silversmith, and wire wrapping/beading. We were founded in 2005, and are incorporated as a 501 (c) 3. Part of our focus is education, and offer a program for area elementary school 4th and 6th graders that supplements their geology studies.

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Slab and Gab Briefs Dec. 2015


 by Mark Nelson,
      Safety Committee Chairman John Martin, the AFMS Conservation and Legislation Committee Chairman, notified us of the new USFS regulations permitting collecting of rocks, minerals and fossils in the national forests. These are excerpts from a publication issued to assist rockhounds in the national forests of Oregon. Rockhounding: The bulletin states that semiprecious gemstones, mineral specimens and invertebrate fossils (such as snail, clam and leaf fossils) may be collected from public lands (that are open to rockhounding) in reasonable amounts for public use. It advises to always follow the “Rockhounds Code of Ethics” and lists the AFMS Code of Ethics. Safety: • Stay out and stay alive; abandoned mines are potential killers. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be back. • Always wear proper protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, etc.) when striking or breaking rocks. • Rockhounds may unknowingly create hazards through careless digging. Undermining the root of a tree is both destructive and dangerous, as it may cause the tree to fall. Tunneling through unsupported soil or under overhanging banks may cause cave-ins. Deep or steep sided pits or trenches should be filled upon completion of digging, as they pose a hazard to people, livestock and wildlife. • Be aware that roads leading to rockhounding sites may be used by heavy trucks carrying logs, gravel, livestock, etc. Travel at your own risk. Unimproved roads can be dangerous to travel when wet, muddy or snowy. Rockhounds should inquire with BLM or USFS about possible road closures and fire restrictions prior to visiting the rockhounding sites. (To read complete story visit CFMS website.)

SJVLS Minutes of the 11/21/15 General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:36 am followed by a flag salute and introduction of guests.  The minutes from Oct.17,  2015 were approved as published,  motion made by Anna Winter, seconded by Will Frantz
Officer Reports—President:  Sally Larsen reported that Anna Reading donated the rest of Don Reading’s silversmith tools, and acetylene set-up; a deposit of $130 (included a $50 refundable deposit) for Rasmussen Senior Center for the club Christmas party was  paid; two memberships and shop money have been deposited; Kevin Philey  agreed to be editor of the club newsletter. There was no vice president report. Secretary report: Donna Rodriguez reported that a thank-you card was sent out to Anna Reading Carey, and a thinking of you card was sent to a Patricia Stirm. Treasurer report: Susan Casterline reported that the Club received $210 prize money from the Kern Co. Fair for club entries; a call for bills to be paid was made; a motion to pay our bills was made by Gene Stirm, Anna Winter seconded, motion  passed.
Director/Committee reports: CFMS Director report; Char Neabeck reported that CFMS dues will increase to $10 per member for 2016; club members are encouraged to send petitions and letters to prevent closures of rock collecting sites to our political representatives. Field-trip Coordinator report:  Bernie Bentsen upcoming trips, Dec. 5th and 6th to the Barstow area and Jan. 10, 2016 to Kramer Junction. 
Unfinished Business--Char explained the process for the silent auction at the Christmas party and provided the forms for bidding. Carol Powers and Barbara Louden reported on the decorations for the Christmas party and recruited more help for the set-up. Donna Rodriguez presented the slate of candidates for officers for 2016 on behalf of the nominating committee. They are as follows; President, Sally Larsen; Vice-President, Bernie Bentsen, Secretary, Donna Rodriguez, Treasurer, Susan Casterline, Director 1, Scott Bunn, Director 2, Will Frantz, and Director 3 Anna Winter. One nomination was made and accepted from the floor for Director 2, Kevin Philey, Philey accepted.
New business-- A motion was called for to accept Kevin Philey, McKinzie Swishelm, Carol and Ken Powers application for membership for 2016. Motion was made by Bernie Bensten, seconded by Randy Musick. A second motion was called for to accept Ken and Karen Woods into membership for 2016. Motion made by Tim Findley and seconded by Char.
A committee, composed of Carol, Char, Marvin Neabeack, Susie, and Ismael Sanchez, was formed to explore the possibility of planning a Rock and Mineral Tailgate in Bakersfield for 2016. The findings of the committee will be presented at January's meeting. Barbara Louden requested  authorization to purchase fire brick, for up to $50. Gene made the motion, Will seconded,  the motion passed. Tim asked for a standing authorization to spend up to $200 for sanctioned club activities and necessities. Will made the motion to accept the authorization, Carol seconded, and the motion passed. Motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 10:45 a.m. Respectfully submitted by Donna Rodriguez, Secretary 
Dec. 6—BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA: Annual show; High Desert Gem & Mineral Society, Cora Harper Fitness Center; 841 Barstow Rd; Sat. 10 am-5 pm, Sun. 10 am-5 pm; Admission is Free!; 41st Annual Show
16-17—EXETER, CALIFORNIA: Annual show; Tule Gem and Mineral Society, Exeter Veterans Memorial Building; 324 N. Kaweah Ave.; Sat. 10-5, Sun. 10-4; Free Admission
5-6—VENTURA, CALIFORNIA: Annual show; Ventura Gem & Mineral Society, Ventura County Fairgrounds; 10 W Harbor Blvd; Sat. 10-5; Free Admission ; Over 50 exhibits of gems, minerals, fossils & lapidary arts; on-going demos of jewelry-making & lapidary; door prizes & silent auctions; flea market & plant sale; 16 dealers; children's activities. A So-Cal family tradition for 54 years!; contact Diane Cook, P.O. Box 1573, Ventura, CA 93002, 8053128467; e-mail: info@VGMS.org; Web site: www.vgms.org
11-13—VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA: Annual show; Victor Valley Gem & Mineral Club, Stoddard Wells Tailgate; 12 miles NE of I-15 along Stoddard Wells Rd.(maintained dirt road)., 7 miles NE of Dale Evans Pkwy.(follow green ; Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-5, Sun. 9-5; Free Admission ; 40th Annual Rockhound Tailgate held below the Verde Antique Marble quarry mountain.
FIELD TRIPS: For club fieldtrips check with Bernie Bentsen for upcoming trips, bentsenbab@gmail.com.




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