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The San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society is located in Bakersfield, California. We are a group of rock hounds dedicated to the sharing of knowledge about the lapidary arts. We meet weekly for workshops in lapidary, silversmith, and wire wrapping/beading. We were founded in 2005, and are incorporated as a 501 (c) 3. Part of our focus is education, and offer a program for area elementary school 4th and 6th graders that supplements their geology studies.

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Slab & Gab Briefs Nov. 2015


Dec. 3-6--Barstow: Annual show; High Desert Gem & Mineral Society, Cora Harper Fitness Center, 841 Barstow Rd; Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-5pm; Admission is Free.

January: 16-17--Exeter, Annual Show; Tule Gem and Mineral Society, Exeter Veterans Memorial Building 324 N. Kaweah Ave.; Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm, Free Admission.

March 5-6--Ventura: Annual show, Ventura Gem & Mineral Society, Ventura County Fairgrounds, 1- W. Harbor Blvd; Sat. 10-5, Free Admission.

FIELDTRIPS: SJVLS Trip,Nov. 14, Clear Creek, meet at Harbor Freight in Bakersfield at 6:30 am, led by Bernie Bentsen.

Rockhound Fieldtrip Fanatics Trip: Nov. 23-25 Mojave Desert, Barstow, refer to Website or Map at https://mapsengine.google.com Contact phone 559-250-5057, organized by Kris W. Rowe.

Nov. 28 Mojave desert trip led by Lew Helfrich. For info contact Lew at 661-323-2663 or lewsrocks@att.net.


We are all back from Camp Paradise. Another very successful Seminar. Both weeks were full, much fun was had by all, only a few things went wrong. We do need to report that there will be an increase in the cost of renting the facility next year, which will require that we increase our participation fee. We have not decided yet how much the increase will be. As always we will try to keep it at a minimum. There will be no increase for Zzyzx in 2016. The Application for Zzyzx-2016 will be included in this newsletter. The application will be posted online at the CFMS web site in time enough for everyone to have a fair shot at getting their applications in. DO NOT mail your applications in before midnight DECEMBER 1ST. The ‘window’ for receiving applications will be the first two weeks of December. During that time, Audrey Harvey our Registrar will note the date and time received and give “First Timers” (people who have NEVER attended either Camp Paradise or Zzyzx) preference.

The annual Fall Business Meeting and election of 2016 Officers will be held November 13-15, 2015 at the Wyndham–Visalia (formerly Holiday Inn), off Hwy 198 in Visalia, CA.

Minutes of the SJVLS 10/17/15 General Meeting

The meeting was called to order at approximately 10 am. Guests McKenzie Swisshelm, Kevin Philley, Carol and Ken Powers, and Breanna were introduced.

The Minutes from Sept 12 meeting were approved as published, Bernie Bensten made the motion.

Officer/Director Reports: President deposited $50 cash from shop monies; Secretary, absent; Treasurer reported bank balance  for Sept. 1st, $4,575.56, Sept. 30, $4,138.12. We paid renewal on Director’s Insurance, grinding wheels for club machine, and other supplies. Called for motion to pay outstanding bills, Barbara Louden made motion, Lynne Helfrich second, ($80.71 paid to Marvin Neabeck for replacing three grinding wheels on Barbara’s machine) ; CFMS report, none; Bernie reported on upcoming field trips, and the posting of our final filing papers from BLM at our claim.

New Business: Sally Larsen will check on renting Arts and Crafts room at the Rasmussen Senior  Center for our Christmas Party for Dec. 11. Or Dec. 4. The nominating committee will report their findings at the November General meeting, and voting will take place at the Christmas party (per our by laws). Bernie and Char will be collecting and organizing the items donated to the silent auction, please bring to shop meetings. The cases entered in the fair won two red ribbons, and one blue. Barbara will direct silver smithing group and RJ Cornwell will assist. Barbara asked for approval to buy fire brick and a cart to be used as a soldering station. Bernie motioned, Will seconded to buy cart and fire brick.

Call for any other new business was made, none being heard the meeting was adjourned at 10:38 am. Respectfully submitted by Treasurer Susan Casterline for Secretary Donna Rodriguez






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