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The San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society is located in Bakersfield, California. We are a group of rock hounds dedicated to the sharing of knowledge about the lapidary arts. We meet weekly for workshops in lapidary, silversmith, and wire wrapping/beading. We were founded in 2005, and are incorporated as a 501 (c) 3. Part of our focus is education, and offer a program for area elementary school 4th and 6th graders that supplements their geology studies.

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

San Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society

Friday, October 17, 2014

October SJVLS general meeting

There were 18 members and two guests that turned out for our October  meeting. Member Anna  gave a talk and demonstration on soap stone carving after the business meeting.

Bernie  brought a big piece of halite,  that he dug from the salt beds, and Hanksite crystals he rescued from the muck, during his visit to the Trona Gem-O-Rama.The halite is pictured below being held by Lori.

Our Christmas party is confirmed with the Rasmussen Senior Center and will be on Dec. 12.

Fieldtrip chairman Tim has made arrangements for a trip to the Greenhorn Mountains for rose quartz. It will be on November 22. More information on that tk.

Our nominating committee will be calling on officers and new prospects and present their slate of candidates for 2015 at our general meeting.

Finally our weather is cooling down...so we will be starting our shop workshop on Saturday at
9 am for now. As it cools down even more and cold becomes a factor the start time may change again.

It was gratifying to me to see so many members at this meeting. I hope this continues.
Keep checking this blog for updates on activities, and dates. This is a way of communicating, but not the only one, or not necessarily the best. I don't think you can beat direct phone contact for that. See you soon....sal

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